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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

3 more weeks!

It has been a long, long time since I have posted here! Two and a half months have flown by, and my excuse is school and pregnancy. :) School, because it has kept me so busy that I am constantly working on projects and pregnancy because whenever I am not working on school projects (or eating or commuting), I am sleeping! Being pregnant means you have to make more time in your day for sleep, including naps, just to feel normal. I've had to adjust my life for that and am realizing how I have to make the most of my awake time and make it more productive so that I can continue to get adequate sleep.

What I am really excited about is that I only have 3 more weeks of school left! Wow! That means that I will be done with formal education for good in 3 weeks! Yey! And I will officially have a degree in fashion design. This is an exciting time for me. It means that I can have time to myself and have time to do the things that I've wanted to do but have had to put aside for the sake of homework. I am mostly excited for all the craft projects I can finally finish. I will be posting them on my craft blog. And of course all the unfinished sewing projects, including alterations that I've promised myself and my husband. But first, the baby gifts will need to be knitted and crocheted for my pregnant friends before their baby shower!

Besides all the excitement of the personal craft and sewing projects I have going on, I will continue interning for an independent designer that I started interning for this semester. It's been a great learning experience and what's even better is that she has been so flexible with my schedule. I am excited to have so many things to look forward to as this semester comes to a close. It makes all the work to catch up and finish final projects more tolerable.

And of course the biggest thing I have to look forward to is the arrival of our baby! I have about a month after school ends before the expected due date, so during that time we will be organizing everything from the crib to getting all the baby supplies and finishing reading up on what I should expect before it's time to deliver. What a life changing experience that will be! I couldn't have asked for better timing! I am extremely grateful that things have turned out the way they did. It's amazing how nicely everything is working out.

Ok, this was just a little update since I felt like I've neglected all of you for a while. I'll be back with much more I'm sure as the next 3 weeks come to a close! Until then, enjoy your Thanksgiving!
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