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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Moving Studios Again!

This year has been the year of moving, that's for sure! We moved to a new home and we moved all of my design related supplies and equipment out of the home and into a shared studio space. Well, just when I was starting to get settled, it was time for another move! After trying to make it into my shared studio space while trying to juggle taking care of a baby, I realized I wasn't making it in because of the baby.

It was nice to have a studio so that all my stuff was out of our home. I definitely found the studio at the right time, just after our move, so that we could rearrange the second bedroom into a baby's room. It was now about figuring out a way to take care of the baby and get some work done! This is a struggle for any stay at home mom or work at home mom. Last month, I decided I needed a private studio space so that I could bring my baby in from time to time and not feel like I'm bothering anyone. Breastfeeding and pumping also required privacy, so I know it was the right choice for me at this time.

After going back and forth about where to relocate to a new studio - the options were in nice commercial neighborhood two train stops away, or in the same neighborhood which was a short 10 minute walk. After looking at potential spaces in each of those locations, I decided that it would be easiest to be close by until my baby was a little older. I also decided that the best space for me to rent was in the same building, but in a private space, just slightly larger than my current space, but one that had plenty of light and a great view. Getting a great view seemed like an impossible request because the commercial building is in the middle of a very industrial street! I set the intention anyway!

The next day, after I set the intention, I called up the building's management company. I had already checked craigslist a thousand times and didn't find any good vacancies in the building or anywhere nearby. I knew that the management company sometimes had openings that weren't listed because I had viewed spaces with a broker a year ago and he showed me several spaces that weren't listed. It turned out that they had 3 spaces available. One sounded like it would work out. I just had to go see the space and make sure it was big enough and felt right.

Three days later, I went to go see the space. It was a lot smaller than what was advertised! Only 60% of the size! But, other than that, it worked. It was bright, and it had a really nice view of some nice residential buildings. And I didn't see the industrial neighborhood because it was on the 3rd floor and overlooked the other buildings in the neighborhood. How nice! It turns out that the space is slightly larger than my previous space and a little more in rent. All in all, it was within what I wanted to spend. Talk about a nice manifestation!

I officially moved into my studio last month in November. I found movers to help move my cutting table and all my equipment. My husband and I have also made some trips to Ikea to get some additional storage, found some items on craigslist, Amazon, and eBay, and my studio is now starting to come together nicely. A few more weekends of work and everything should be set. Just some shelves to install, painting to do, rearranging, and cleaning. Then I will finally be able to start making something!

It's been a year since I've made something, and I have been itching to have a workspace set up again to make something. Ultimately I want to start a business, but before I can do that, I just need to get into the studio and let myself go! After taking care of a baby full-time, you don't know how excited I am to just even make a pillow cover! Anything simple that can be done in a few hours so that I will have some instant gratification! It will happen soon... as soon as we find a suitable day care for my little Sophie! She is ready to socialize with other babies. :)

Here's a picture of Sophie in my previous studio. She wanted out of the crib the moment I put her in!

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