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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Focusing on Health

It's hard to believe that the summer has passed by so quickly and we are approaching September. My baby has grown and is now 7 months old, eating solids, rolling around, sitting up, and grabbing and licking every toy she can get her hands on. Too cute.

Now that we are starting to get settled into our new place, it's time to start cooking again. Lately I've been seeing reminders of how I should incorporate more raw food into my diet, similar to what it was before pregnancy. It's amazing how bad food cravings during pregnancy can derail a healthy diet. It's time to go back to amazing fresh foods again.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition is having a conference for it's alumni coming up, so it will be just the thing to get me back in touch with people who living a healthy lifestyle. Also, I'm looking forward to some amazing speakers, including Deepak Chopra.

Here's a video from Lilou Mace, who recently visited New York. We met up at a vegan restaurant and it reminded me how much my body is craving good nutritious foods. No more ordering out from restaurants. Time to use the ingredients and fresh produce that we get from the Park Slope food coop. Enjoy the video!

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