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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What is Beauty?

Is beauty what we see in magazines? Watch this video that shows what happens behind the scenes to create those beautiful pictures of women that we see in the magazines.

Eye-opening, isn't it? So much work goes into creating the perfect shot including all the touch-ups we don't see. This is the version of beauty that is distributed to the world, this model of perfection. This is not true beauty.

Real beauty comes from who we are on the inside. A person looks beautiful when they radiate confidence from liking who they are on the inside. When you like who you are on the inside, you treat yourself with love and care, and when we treat ourselves with love and care, we start taking care of our health, our environment, our relationships, our finances, and all the other factors that contribute to a healthy life. By living a truly healthy life, we will naturally radiate beauty out into this world.

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