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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Enjoy the Ride

I've been dormant for a while, and after reading this, I finally understand why. New energies are affecting our lives every day. Today was one of those days, and I felt that it was now time to start up my blogging again. A lot has happened during the past 16 months of my life being pregnant and giving birth. Now that my darling Sophie is 7 months old, I'm beginning to wonder what my future holds. I plan on staying close to my her until I am done breastfeeding, but until then, I am beginning to wonder what I can start now to get things rolling.

Being a new mom is one of those roller coaster rides that you don't think will ever stop. As one big wave ends, another one arises, different, but just as challenging as the one before. It's fulfilling, heart-warming, but at the same time extremely challenging. And it's nothing like I expected. I'm riding the waves and learning to let go of my long held ambitions for getting things done quickly and all at once. I am learning that there is a time and place for everything, and right now it is about being a mom and being the best mom I can be. The future is coming more quickly than I realize, and my baby will only be this small once, so it is time to enjoy the ride.

Learning to enjoy the journey instead of focusing on the destination is one of the key lessons I've been learning lately. Everything from the process of decluttering my apartment, setting up my new home, learning to put my baby down for naps or bed at night... even the most difficult journeys will be one that we will looked back on fondly one day. The most difficult journeys are the ones that create the most meaningful transformations in our lives. It is through this process of struggle, contrast, and death of the old that we can fully shed our old ways and give birth to a whole new life. This process is magical and wonderful. Every step, perfectly calculated, orchestrated, and delivered. That is how our lives unfold. The more we resist, the more contrast is delivered. Learn to let go. The old no longer serves you. Let go so that the new can arrive.

I'm learning to let go of all sorts of objects in my home. Anything I am not using is going out the door. There is no space in my life for things I no longer love anymore. Even objects that hold monetary value are going out the door. I am selling, giving, donating everything I no longer need or want. I am also learning to let go of a lot of emotional clutter. Things creep up from the past that I had no idea was still around. I'm facing it, dealing with it, and then sending it on its merry way. Again and again this process continues and will continue until all of the clutter is gone. It's a wonderful process of releasing. Every release brings new opportunities. Miracles begin to unfold and everything becomes effortless and easy.

Instead of wishing everything were complete, I am now accepting things as they are. My home that is a work in progress, my weight loss from my pregnancy, my career and business waiting to be birthed. I am loving my life as it is right now, in this moment, clutter, fat, piles of to do's and all. Everything. And then something amazing happens. From that acceptance comes a moment of clarity. New ideas start to flow and old ideas begin to clarify themselves. Everything starts to fall into place. The universe is an amazing place, and only God can create such an amazing world. We are all co-creators in this universe, working with and through God. If you have not experienced this type of transformation yet, begin the process. Accept things as they are, right in this moment. Be grateful for the things you love in your life. This list of things you love will only grow as you live your life from a state of love.

Be well co-creators. Help is always available, just with the asking. Ask and ye shall receive.

Namaste. Amen.

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