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Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day! And Living a Life of Synchronicities.

During these past couple of weeks I have experienced more synchronicities than I had ever imagined. This word was so foreign to me only a few years ago. I had experienced synchronicities back then too, but doubted them and usually dismissed them as pure chance or "luck," unless the event was really blatantly obvious. This year, these synchronicities have increased and I find that every person I meet, every event that I attend, every flyer and opportunity I see around me are all perfectly orchestrated for my personal development and to support me on my life's mission.

Snow Day
Case in point - This week I had been struggling with a bit of a nagging sore throat that wasn't going away. I knew it was because I had been a bit sleep deprived from trying to finish assignments, work, and make it to extra classes I had signed up for over the weekend. Last night I really, REALLY needed extra rest to recover from lack of sleep and fell asleep at 9pm. I still had a lot of work ahead of me and decided to wake up early to do the work. I woke up at 3am but realized I still needed some sleep. I woke up again at 4am and moved myself from the couch to the bed. Still, I was so groggy that I knew my body was crying out for more rest. One more hour and then I would do some work. Usually my body can handle this type of schedule, but today it was not cooperating. I did some work from 5 - 6:30am and finally succumbed to my body's cry for more rest. At this point, I knew I needed a day of rest and was really hoping for a snow day. It was the only way that I could really recover.

Just in case, at 7:30 I decided to make a pot of coffee to help me push through the day. I would have considered taking a sick day, but the classes I had for today had special field trips scheduled and an exam. It was not a day to miss. The only way I could really get the rest my body needed if classes were canceled altogether. After drinking my cup of coffee (and still feeling groggy) I checked my email to see if the school was closed. Yes it was! I was hoping, but not really thinking that this would actually happen. I have the rest day that I desperately need, thanks to the snow day! I tried to go back to bed, but the coffee kicked in so I am going to use this day to catch up on all my work and nourish my body with healthy food. Oh, and I learned my lesson about sleep. My body can no longer sustain the sleep deprivation that I used to make it undergo. It's time to nurture, nourish, and take care of my health.

Following Our Own Inner Guidance
There are so many synchronicities I have experienced lately that there are too many to mention here, but I would suggest being open and listening to the gentle tug from your heart as you go through life. There is a reason for events, books, places, courses, cravings peaking your interest. Listen to your body and observe the things that get you most excited. The things you discover may not initially make sense, but you are being led step by step to your best life by following that subtle guidance.

For me I waited until the signs became completely obvious before I took my first big step, but I am so glad that I did. Knitting, sewing, and healthy living are the things that constantly call my name. I've taken big steps towards all three even though the combination does not necessarily make sense. I taught myself how to knit after walking into a gorgeous knitting store while living in San Francisco a few years ago, which was the first step. Now I am enrolled in fashion design school, hand knitting classes, and a nutrition school called the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. These were never planned. In fact, I had vowed that my days in school were over, but there were other things in store for my future.

All I knew was that my dream was to one day open up a wellness spa. Once I took steps towards becoming a fashion designer, I thought that dream was gone and I had to follow the traditional fashion design route. Now that I am in the field, I am realizing that it is a tough field to make money, and starting at the bottom and working my way up will not be the path for me. I've done that before and I was not happy. There is an alternative and more creative route for me to go that still has not been clearly charted yet, but is becoming clearer every day. Really, this is a path of faith and trust. Trusting that our guidance will take us to where we want to go in the most direct way possible while picking up all the skills, advice, and relationships to get us to where we need to go. This has been my experience.

Dream Big and Take Tiny Steps Every Day
I live by my motto of always dreaming big, and taking tiny steps every single day to move towards my goal(s). The commitment in taking steps towards your goal, no matter how small, builds energy and momentum in the right direction that brings opportunities and synchronicities that could not even be imagined by your conscious mind. Trust that the universe and your own connection to that infinite intelligence knows what you need. Take steps into the unknown while clarifying your vision of what you want in as much detail as possible. Then watch as the opportunities come your way. Your job is to seize them.

These opportunities are very subtle, so you need to be very aware as they come across your path. You may get an email, see a flyer, talk to someone, overhear a conversation, read something in the newspaper, magazine, or a book...you never know the opportunities will come to you, but what you do know is that they will. As you step forward into these opportunities, even more opportunities come your way to help you get where you want to go. You'll look back one day and realize how far you have come and how easy it was just by taking little steps all along the way. And just a reminder -- be grateful for every opportunity that comes your way. The state of gratitude raises your vibration and helps you align with all the goodies of the universe. :)

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