I am on a journey to live a life I love and to fill my life with the things that truly bring me joy... my dream job, loving relationships, financial abundance, a healthy mind and body, and a deep spiritual connection with all that is. I am living consciously to create a life filled with all the things I love.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Consciousness Matters: The Rice Experiment

I found this interesting video about an experiment done with rice to see how fast it decays in an airtight container. One rice container was exposed to words and videos of love and the other one was exposed to words and videos of fear. See the results of the experiment in this video:

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  1. I love this Christine. I watched this clip a while a go and it blew me away. It really makes you think about what you think doesnt it!

    Thanks for sharing it and reminding me of how powerful thoughts really are :)


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