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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Living in Pug Land

My life revolves around my new pug now. I plan my days around who's going to feed him and clean up his poop. It really is what they say...training for a baby. It's much easier though since you can leave him home alone. Even when I'm home, he sleeps most of the day, so I'm left wondering how he has enough sleep left in him to last through the night so well. When I give him attention, though, watch out! He goes a little nuts with his hyper-activity. He brings his toys to me to ask me to play fetch. That part is really cute.

Now that my life is immersed with pet duties and giving and receiving love and affection, I've dedicated an entire blog to my pug's life. It was the only way to aggregate all of his funny videos to share with family. If you're interested, take a peek. And if you're really interested, you can subscribe to his youtube videos.

There's so many things I've learned from having a pet so far. They need lots of attention. When given the choice, Winston (our pug) prefers affection over food. I'm drawing lots of parallels from this to our human life. Humans need attention and affection too. Maybe the lack of attention is what's drawing so many people to food instead? Winston also loves people. And I mean ALL people. Someone asked me who he likes better between my husband and I, and my answer was, he loves everyone the same! And he truly does. Unconditional love, as they say. There are no grudges, no moodiness, no temper (although he does whine a lot when he's really hungry). He has short-term memory so he really lives in the now. And I mean the NOW. The now now. He'll eat a piece of lettuce and then find another one, only to forget about the one he left behind.

Moral of this story? Love your neighbors, your family, your friends, and everyone. Unconditional love, just like our puppies give us. And give special attention and love to those who seem to be craving it but taking it out on other things such as excess eating, shopping, exercising, working, sleeping, being sick... pretty much anything excessive will indicate a lack in some other area. A little love can do a lot of healing. Think of Winston. If you ever meet him, he'll be sure to give you LOTS and LOTS of love, affection, and attention. Oh, the joys of having a pug.

See more of Winston, the pug who LOVES broccoli, at Puggie Land.

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