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Monday, June 22, 2009

Writing Your Goals

I've decided to write my main goals in big writing on a piece of paper and tape it in front of me so that I see it every day. I can't ignore what I see every day, right? And I assume the energy of the messages will eventually affect me at a subconscious level, which will help me attain these goals quicker and faster. I also decided to write them in the present tense, rather than using the future tense. This will help me feel like these things are already a part of my life, which will make these things easier to come into my life.

Instead of listing "What I Want," I wrote "What I Have." I also changed all of the items on the list from "to be..." to "I am..."

I have also written a few of the top goals in the present tense and taped them in front of me. For example, "I wake up early at 6am every day." It seems like a simple technique, but as I read this every day, I will start waking up at 6am naturally, I'm sure. This is one of the techniques I'm using to try and become an early bird.

Try it! And let me know if these techniques have worked for you!

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