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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Day Has Come

The day I have been waiting for has finally come. It is moving day, and watching it unfold is like seeing my dreams come to life! Out with the old, in with the new! The old furniture and things of our past life that will not be part of our future has been sold and given away. We are taking the things that we envision to be part of our new life in New York.

This process of change requires uprooting myself completely in order to plant new seeds on new fertile soil. Making big changes can be easy or difficult depending on how we deal with the situation. We can resist the changes that come into our lives, or we can let things happen with the belief that something better is in store for us. In order to receive the new opportunities that await, we must let go of the things we have that are no longer serving us. This is the process we are going through now. This means purging old things, old thinking, old ways, and adopting a new way of thinking that helps you move towards your new goals and passions in life!


We are selling our home and our rental properties in Chicago and moving. (Yes, we're moving before everything has sold!) I believe everything will work out in the end. There is a reason things are happening now. Yes, it is a bit scary financially in this current economic climate, but I'm marching on with the belief that I am fully supported by the universe and that all things will work out for us. It has all worked out for us in the past, as long as I believed it would, so there is no reason why I shouldn't believe it won't happen again! I just set the intention that the right people who can easily get their mortgages approved will fall in love with our properties and put in an offer that meets us where we need to sell our properties at (or better), and will close on the properties very, very quickly. Then I let the intention go and let everything fall into place naturally.


I'm finally coming out with my new career change! I am now moving into the field of fashion design! This field fulfills all my desires to be creative, to work in a field that allows me to be hands-on with a more tactile approach, yet has infinite possibilities in the future to become an entrepreneur and have my own line. I'm very excited about the potential opportunities that lie ahead. Everything is falling into place very nicely! I had applied to Parsons in January without knowing if I would be able to move to NY, but then a couple of months later, my husband landed a new job in NY. A few weeks later, I received my acceptance letter for Parsons! It's a new life with new changes for the both of us!

When I had received my acceptance letter, however, I was still debating whether I should make a career change or not. It was risky, giving up everything I had in my current career to start brand new again. Starting all over is not easy, but sometimes necessary to get to where you want to go. I declared that if I was able to get a scholarship, then I would go. At that point, all the signs would be pointing to fashion design, so all I would have to do is to commit to the decision.

So, I waited and hoped that a scholarship would come in the mail. I inquired about scholarships to the school's admissions office and received a reply saying that no application was necessary, and that merit scholarships were provided based on the overall application.

In the meantime, I continued taking sewing classes to make sure I really enjoyed sewing, since it would be such a big part of my new life. I a took class with Tchad and a bunch of classes at The Needle Shop in Chicago. There was a lot more to learn about sewing than I had anticipated, so there were moments where I really thought it might not be the path for me, but as I became more comfortable at the sewing machine and with sewing terminology, it all started to became more fun!

A few weeks later, I received a letter in the mail saying that I was awarded a small scholarship. Wow! I was beginning to doubt if it was going to happen, but was secretly hoping that it would. All signs now pointed to go. So, after much thought and deliberation, I finally made the decision to go for it. It was amazing how my mundane life all of a sudden became more interesting because I had something that I enjoyed that I was now looking forward to!

Now, next step... finding funds to pay for the tuition. Somehow, some way, I plan on finding funds this summer to pay for this tuition with some additional money flowing in to pay for the added expenses of living in New York. I'll keep you posted on this progress!

For all of you other career changers out there. Set clear intentions, commit to your decisions, and be open to receiving in whatever way your intentions may become a reality. Like the famous phrase goes, "Ask and ye shall receive."

The next post will come from the Big Apple! :)

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