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Monday, May 18, 2009

Flight to NY

I just wanted to share a photo that I took from my phone at the airport a couple of weeks ago. It's so ordinary that most people walking by wouldn't have given it much thought, but as I saw the sign while we were walking down the hallway, it was almost felt like the sign was speaking directly to me! "Welcome to Laguardia!"

There was nothing special about the airport, and it was late at night, but I relished every moment of it because that night was the beginning of my new journey in the Big Apple. It represented the day that I arrived in live in New York. Oh, how good it felt to finally arrive!

I'm sure you've felt a similar feeling in your lives. You've wanted something for so long and it just wouldn't come fast enough. Pretty soon, years went by and you wondered what happened to that dream of yours. Until you gave birth to that dream again. Something triggered the re-brith of that desire, and you begin to think about it all the time. That's what happened for me, and finally the moment came ... I had arrived. Just wanted to share that special moment with you. I'm in NY at last! I'm still soaking it in...

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